Outstanding Teaching for Instrumental Practitioners

This new programme gives instrumental and vocal teachers the opportunity and framework to develop their musical teaching practice. It enables them to:

  • provide their students with the best possible learning experience;
  • support the musical progression made by the student both in singular and whole class learning;
  • work more effectively as part of a larger musical partnership;
  • consolidate and renew skills, develop new ones, and enrich an understanding of the learning process both for the teacher and learner.

This programme provides both Hub-based and private teachers, with a key focus to develop the skills enabling their students to become outstanding musicians and learners.

This programme:

  • supports a wide range of teaching activities including questioning, challenge, engagement, techniques to develop the individual musician and  develops an understanding of children and young people’s musical learning;
  • provides opportunities to further understand the differences between individual, small group and whole class instrumental teaching and learning;
  • ensures that there is a comprehensive and structured approach to learning activities through exploring how to best plan, facilitate and evaluate young people'€™s musical development;
  • allows instrumental and vocal teachers to reflect on their practice and professional development.


This programme consists of four half day facilitated sessions. It would be helpful, but not necessary if teachers were released in pairs/small groups, to promote joint practice development activities.

The work of these instrumental and vocal teachers is supported by the work of a project manager who will assist with development in Hubs or home schools. Arrangements can be made to support private sector workers where applicable. This is an important coaching role that is pivotal to the success of the participants.

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This programme is open to all instrumental and vocal teachers who want to improve their work with their pupils and want to develop the ability to ensure that lessons are consistently supporting €˜outstanding€™ learning.

Designed and facilitated by senior and middle leaders at The Earls High School, the Outstanding Teaching for Instrumental Practitioners programme will facilitate the sharing of outstanding practice and provide an awareness of how all students can be enabled to achieve musically.

It includes an understanding of:

  • individual, small group and whole class instrumental teaching;
  • the learning process of young musicians;
  • how positive attitudes to learning can be fostered through instrumental and vocal teaching;
  • how learning can be tailored to individual musicians to support outstanding progress;
  • the benefits of developed musical partnerships and how this impacts on the learner;
  • constructive planning and how it impacts the engagement of the learner.

This programme will include:

  • lesson observations;
  • group discussion;
  • challenging activities;
  • post session challenges;
  • an opportunity to teach a small group the activities you have been introduced to;
  • in-depth coaching to deepen teachers’ understanding of young people’s musical learning.


This programme consists of four half days which are facilitated sessions over a five week period.