Outstanding Teaching Assistant Programme


This new programme gives Teaching Assistants a framework to develop their skills and understanding.  It enables them to:

  • provide their pupils/students with the best possible learning experience;
  • support the improvement of student outcomes throughout the school;
  • work more effectively within a team committed to improving standards;
  • consolidate and renew skills, develop new ones, increase positive attitudes and enrich understanding for themselves and others.

The programme provides school to school support which helps to increase capacity and improve standards. The key focus is on providing opportunities for the Teaching Assistant to support effective teaching and learning.

This Programme:

  • supports a wide range of teaching activities including questioning, challenge, engagement, listening that impacts on learning;
  • provides opportunities to further understand the complexity of high quality classroom practice;
  • ensures that there is a comprehensive and structured approach to learning activities;
  • forms part of the staff development activity aimed at developing provision even further;
  • allows Teaching Assistants the opportunity to develop their planning and presentation skills.

OTAP image


The programme consists of five half day facilitated sessions.  It would be helpful if Teaching Assistants were released in groups of three (as a minimum requirement) to promote development activities. Primary and special schools may prefer to release groups of different sizes to support their cover provision.

The work of these Teaching Assistants is supported by the work of a project manager who assists with development back in the home school.  This is an important coaching role that is pivotal to the success of the participants.


This programme is open to all Teaching Assistants who want to improve their work with the pupils/students and want to develop the ability to ensure that €˜lessons€™ are consistently supporting €˜outstanding€™ learning.


"The facilitators are always welcoming, professional and empowering, they really make everyone feel valued and confident in their ability and able to share."