Improving Teacher Programme

This programme supports school staff in consistently delivering good quality lessons that have a measurable impact on pupil performance. For example, it enables them to:

  • provide their pupils with the best possible learning experience;
  • improve standards in their classrooms and schools;
  • increase their job satisfaction and quality of experience;
  • work more effectively as active members of their school team.

The programme: 

Supports a wider range of teaching activities, including:

  • planning lessons
  • starter activities
  • plenary sessions
  • questioning techniques
  • engaging in learning
  • challenging learning
  • assessment and differentiation strategies
  • forms part of the professional development provision or entitlement for staff development within the school's improvement plan.

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The programme consists of four half days and one full day facilitated session over a five week period. Secondary schools need to release three teachers as learning takes place in three’s; primary and special schools may prefer to release one teacher as learning three’s can come from cluster schools.

The work of these teachers is supported by a project manager at each school who attends the first and final session and supports the teachers’ progress through the programme in their schools. This is an important coaching role that is pivotal to the success of the delegates.


This programme is open to all teachers who want to improve their teaching and want to learn how to deliver consistently good lessons matching theory with application.