Big Ideas of Maths and the Barriers to Learning

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Designed and facilitated by senior leaders at The Earls High School. The Big Ideas of Maths Programme will facilitate the sharing of good practice and provide an awareness of the barriers to learning.

It includes an understanding of :

‘The Big Ideas of Maths Programme’

  • the barriers to learning;
  • how maths links to real life;
  • what students know already and can then talk about;
  • how the Big Ideas can stretch and challenge the gifted students;
  • the importance of literacy awareness in mathematics.

The programme will include :

  • lesson observations;
  • group discussion;
  • challenging activities;
  • interviews with students;
  • post session challenges;
  • an opportunity to teach a small group the activities you have been introduced to;
  • in-depth coaching to deepen teachers’ understanding of effective maths practice.


The programme consists of one full day and three half days which are facilitated sessions over a five week period.